Stephan Schnee is a Creative Director and Video Editor based in London. He has worked on interdisciplinary projects, conceptualising ideas, telling stories for brands, and creating films for promotional and marketing campaigns.

From Proposal to Delivery

Stephan is involved in every step of the way. His goal is to ensure the creative vision and execution are aligned with client goals, as well as customer needs.

Specialising in Creative Direction for AV content, Conceptualisation, Directing Live Action and Video Editing.

Selected Clients

Stephan has worked with various clients, from sports and fashion to lifestyle & media brands, in a variety of different ways. Here are just a few:

Red Bull // Hyatt // BuzzFeed // Audi // Guinness // Umbro // Tissot // Royal Foundation // Speedo // Breitling // PUMA // Accor // Pentland // ZDF // Tupperware // Servus TV // BMW

Let's get in touch

Whether you'd like to start a project, schedule a talk or just like to say hello, do not hesitate to reach out:
+44 7535 114 160