World of Hyatt

Concept // Direction
Hyatt planned to drive awareness for the new release of their mobile app. The main focus was to show members the new key features and their ease of use along the customer journey. Our goal for this commercial was to create a sense of effortlessness and address how comfortably users can navigate the app.

Client: Hyatt
Production: Meesta
Executive Producer: Martin Reiher
Director: Stephan Schnee
DoP: Hanshen Sudderuddin
Steadicam: Zhongwei Wan
Production Manager: Cyndi Lim
Motion Graphics: Aitor Benavent Cabañas Stephan Schnee
Editor: Stephan Schnee
Color Artist: Ivan Filipovic
Talents: Dayoung You, Dennis Shen, Brandon Yeo Jun Wei
Extras: Tan Kien Piew
Production Crew: Ibrahim Zubir, Dion Heng, Terenz Carino, Jeremy De Souza, Tan Sher Hwee, Muhammad Azman
Model Agencies: Phantom Models, Mint
Make Up: Linda Lee
Production Equipment: Cinegear Singapore